Try Splitwise Pro!

Get Splitwise Pro for a ton of extra features:

Unlimited expenses

Add as many expenses as you like each day, with no interruptions. Stay on top of your spending and stay in the moment with your friends.

Transaction import

Connect a credit or debit card to see your recent purchases — then split with just a tap. (Currently available only in the US.)

Currency conversion

Going abroad? Splitwise can convert all your bills to any currency you'd like, using today's foreign exchange rates.

Charts and graphs

Keep your budget on track, at home or on a trip. We break down your spending by category and show you trends over time, so you can identify excessive spending and save money.

Receipt scanning

Add complicated bills to Splitwise with ease! Just take a picture of your receipt, and Splitwise will automatically scan its contents.


After scanning a receipt, Splitwise will detect the individual items so that you can assign them to your friends. Perfect for splitting restaurant and grocery bills.

Expense search

Make sure you've entered everything correctly. Our search feature will help you locate old bills so you can double-check and edit them as needed.

Default split settings

Want to split all expenses with your partner 55%/45%? Travelling with multiple families and want to assign each family a certain number of shares? Create a group default split so you can set it and forget it.


Early access to new features

Shape the future of Splitwise by sharing your feedback directly with our product and engineering teams. Get early access to redesigns and major new features.

A totally ad-free experience

Use the Splitwise app without any interruptions, and help support future development of Splitwise!